DIBS is a payment service gateway. When I started there as a junior developer, straight out of university, DIBS was a small company of 7 people. When I left 3 years later, I was lead for a team of 6 developers, the company had grown to about 25 people, and DIBS had just joined forces with a Swedish payment service. 

As a developer, I did

  • Backend integrations with payment services
  • Development and design of new features in the main product
  • Maintenance and iterations on the existing code base
  • Technical lead on consulting projects for e.g. Øresundsbron
  • Frontend development
  • Database design, queries and maintenance
  • Assistance for support
  • Inhouse data reports

As a team lead, I had responsibility for

  • Estimating, prioritising and scheduling tasks
  • Preparing PCI Security certification processes for code and client facing interfaces

Platforms and technologies

  • Linux (both as development framework and on servers)
  • C++
  • PML (homemade PHP-like frontend templating language)
  • Javascript
  • XML + SOAP
  • Sybase SQL
  • MySQL
  • CVS