Deadline Games was a Danish game development studio, responsible for games such as Blackout and Total Overdose. I started working at Deadline Games when their engine, Kapow, was just getting ready with version 2.0. It was ambitious to develop and maintain an inhouse game engine, but the ambition paid off as Kapow was a really powerful engine with a fast build turnaround time and a very accessible inhouse scripting language. I worked as a game programmer on various prototypes and projects, including a project called "Faith and a .45" and a successor to the popular Globetrotter-series.

As a game programmer, I worked on

  • Creating an interface between the production team and the new game engine, with a multitude of basic features
  • Physics and trigger systems
  • Planning AI
  • Menu systems
  • In-game features

Platforms and technologies

  • TNT (inhouse language)
  • Kapow (inhouse game engine)
  • C++ 
  • Windows
  • Perforce
  • Gamebryo, Unity (for a separate project, aimed at Nintendo platforms)