Cape Copenhagen is a game development house, mixing their own projects with work-for-hire projects, including many LEGO iPad games. However, I was initially hired for a non game related project for Udbudsvagten, creating a search engine pipeline (including web crawler, metadata enrichment and search interface) for data pertaining to public licitation projects in Denmark and the EU. When I joined this project, I worked as the only developer with responsibility for every aspect of the development process. A few months later, I was joined by one more developer, and our little team brought the project live in the beginning of 2014.

Platforms and technologies

  • Development on Mac, servers on Ubuntu linux
  • Ruby on Rails
  • PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Solr
  • Bootstrap, later Foundation CSS frameworks
  • LESS and Sass
  • Javascript, including JQuery, Modernizr and D3.js
  • node.js status server
  • Amazon Cloud Services, primarily EC2, S3 and SES
  • RabbitMQ